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What is the Cloud?

It is not a cloud in the sky; the cloud could be better understood as a group of servers, possibly even at different locations, where you can store information or run software in the same manner that you would in a desktop, external hard drive, or a CDrom.  But the cloud is not just computers hosted somewhere else. A common form of cloud use is where a Platform is a Service, and these  internet hosted platforms include Microsoft Azure & Amazon AWS.  Another common form is Software as a Service, and these include products such as Office 365 or Google Docs.  Finally, what might be described as Infrastructure as a service, where you have hosted Information Technology infrastructure. As you can understand, the cloud means many different things at the same time.

The answer to most of those questions would lead to the conclusion that it was too expensive to “not” be in business, that there is room for improvement on what you have, and that cloud computing is here to stay. Organizations that do not evolve stay behind until they fade away. Consider: BlockBuster, Polaroid, Toys R Us, Borders, and Kodak. Why did these giants fail?

Did your business suffered during Hurricane Maria? Was it fully operational during the Pandemic?

Now, just like the outdated concept of needing to use an Anti-virus to protect your PC from attacks or malware, security measures have to be taken into account as you move towards integrating more or better cloud-based systems into your organization.

To reiterate, Cloud computing is here to stay; you can integrate Cloud based systems into your organization and include a sound security posture while you implement. Recent trends in security risks include bad actors (a.k.a. hackers) gaining access to individual’s personal information for identity theft, banking fraud, social security fraud, or for requesting a ransom in exchange for releasing information wrongfully taken. Anti-virus software no longer affords individuals or businesses to take all the necessary security measures to face these threats.  Yes, not everyone can afford the same cloud services and security measures of the Big 9 (Tencent, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Alibaba, Microsoft, Baidu, IBM, or Apple). Maybe you have considered but cannot afford IT personnel, or you believe that Outsourcing an IT department is cost-effective and a good business strategy. But still, there are many alternatives that you are probably not exploring, like OpenSource systems OpenStack, Cloud Stack, Mesos, and OpenNebula, amongst others. We are always staying current to find new ways to improve your business continuity.

At Bartizan Security, we believe in alternatives. We do not have a “one size fits all” solution; we sit down with our clients and develop the best strategies for each individual client. Moreover, we are “Geeks” who love technology and are devoted study daily trends to stay updated.  We are in this industry for the passion derived from innovation. Bartizan Security thinks “Geek” so that you do not have to.

Contact Us! Let us sit down to analyze your needs and recommend an IT strategy for you. We can tailor a secure business continuity plan for you that is cost-effective and technology-driven!