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IT Service

Many small business owners take for granted how crucial it is to have a good security posture. Still, today people do not realize that the Internet is the interconnection of the world. Someone from another country could easily tamper with your network because the common goal is to steal your money, your clients, or just your information. It is common to be skeptical about outsourcing without analyzing the facts first. It is crucial to understand the common threats we face once we connect to the Internet.

Why Choose Us

At Bartizan, we are security practitioners who understand the challenges of maintaining a sound security posture. Bartizan will help you stay focus on your business while we work on your information system security infrastructure.

  • Extremely low response time at all time
  • We are always ready for your growth
  • We understand security and compliance

Manage Service Provider

A manage service provider will provide administration (SysAdmin) of all services related to maintaining your information systems. At Bartizan, we will ensure that your IT infrastructure and applications that run on your network are adequately maintained. In the process, we will focus on an information security perspective that will help keep your business IT assets relevant and productive. We bundle up our services; our clients have complete control of your service deal so that you select what best fits your business based on our experience. There are many benefits of outsourcing; you can take advantage of our TEAM, expertise, and Bartizan’s passion for this ever-evolving field.