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An MSP that fits your needs! We do The Heavy Lifting So You Don't Have To!

Backup is essential for peace of mind. At Bartizan we provide multiple affordable cloud base or locally based backup solutions to integrate with your network.

As a service provider, it is essential to be able to access your system for administration. We provide remote IT administration services so that you can focus on your business while we focus on your system.

Sometimes it is easier to talk to a technician rather than wasting time trying to figure out a problem. We provide Help Desk capabilities so that you can concentrate on what matters, your business.

Your first line of defense is to have a proper patch management program. At Bartizan, we will monitor your computers and maintain the patch management program for you, maintaining your system up to date with the latest patches.

Need assistance and don’t what to call? Please communicate with us via Chat and stay up to speed with our technical support.

We, as a managed service provider (MSP), deliver IT services: such as network, application, infrastructure, and information security, via ongoing and regular support. We will work on the active administration of your network. We will be providing sys admin on top of a third-party cloud IaaS. Our services will apply to network infrastructure or device-centric services but have expanded to include continuous monitoring, regular management, maintenance, and support.

  1. Monitoring & Management
  2. Patching
  3. Server Monitoring
  4. Backup
  5. Server Applications
  6. Reporting

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