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Yes, incidents do occur. Imagine having a team ready to deploy and contain the situation. Incident response is crucial for the business component inside of the information security world. The term comes from the methodology used by companies to respond to adverse situations. A cyber-attack disrupts business, destroys reputations, and kills client’s trust. Having an incident response team lets you reduce the impact of the attack on the company.

Why Choose Us

At Bartizan, we are security practitioners who understand the challenges of maintaining a sound security posture. Bartizan will help you stay focus on your business while we work on your information system security infrastructure.

  • Extremely low response time at all time
  • We are always ready for your growth
  • We understand security and compliance

Incident Response Plan

As a business owner, you must consider adopting a team that can identify the breach, quickly contained it, and neutralizes the threat. Once there are no more threats, it is time to recover from the attack by establishing all affected services. An incident response team combined with a good backup solution can help. Both solutions integrated can simplify Backup and recovery, ensure business continuity, streamline operations, defend the data and meet compliance. The complete suite can improve your Return to Operations (RTO) time.