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Cyber threats are on the loose, and staying dedicated is key towards a better security posture. When it comes to Cyber Security, it is cheaper to be proactive than being reactive. Upper-level management fails to identify this issue as accurate. Leaders see the price tag on information security and make poor decisions. They lack the vision of the cost of not being able to do business. To stay proactive and stay in business is the cue where Threat Hunting comes in. Threat hunting is the best practice of searching for cyber threats that are roaming around the network. Sometimes the malicious actors are those with legitimate access to the network. Threat hunting helps identify those malicious actors that have either surpass the first line of defense or are just legitimately running around our network with evil intentions.

Why Choose Us

At Bartizan, we are security practitioners who understand the challenges of maintaining a good security posture. Bartizan will help you stay focus on your business while we work on your information system security infrastructure.

  • Extremely low response time at all time
  • We are always ready for your growth
  • We understand security and compliance

Information Security

Usually, once an attacker has gained access to your system, he will start looking for pivot points to get from point A to point B. If the attacker is inside the network, it is hard to understand their pivot points unless you are a seasoned security practitioner. Many organizations lack this type of expertise, and this is where Bartizan can help. Placing an advanced detection mechanism with constant monitoring will give the organization the capability to stop persistent threats. We do not believe in tools as a silver bullet; we believe in taking those tools and augmenting their capabilities with season technicians. To orchestrate a proper proactive approach, you need to build a good architecture. With a hardened architecture, you then tweak the passive defense mechanism. You gather as much evidence about the threat as possible. With this information, design your active defense and drive all this effort with data collection. Work smarter, not harder!