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What do you do when your employee breaks the acceptable use of technology or their behavior while using the Internet? Do you fire them? Do you apprehend them? How do you even know they are breaking the Law?

At Bartizan Security, we understand these problems. No! Human Resource Dept is not the total solution; sometimes they do not know any better about cybersecurity. Integrating a Cyber Law General Counsel with the technical background of the Bartizan Security team will give you the broad-angle to solve complex situations.


Why Choose Us

At Bartizan, we are security practitioners who understand the challenges of maintaining a good security posture. Bartizan will help you stay focus on your business while we work on your information system security infrastructure.

  • Extremely low response time at all time
  • We are always ready for your growth
  • We understand security and compliance

IT Law

 When we are dealing with complex Internet situations, it is hard to conceptualize where to start. Cyberlaw defines the legal concepts that deal with Internet situations, Cloud Computing, Service Level Agreements, e-commerce, privacy, and other related legal issues.
In Cyber Law, we conceptualize intellectual property, contracts, jurisdiction, data protection, privacy, freedom of expression, online security, software usage, and procurement, amongst others. We are working in an era where you sign electronic documents, send emails with digital signatures, file taxes electronically and perform electronic commerce transactions. At Bartizan Security, we provide an understanding of the legal infrastructure to deal with cybercrimes.

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